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03 August 2010 @ 09:17 pm
Featured Effy in my Article "Fashion Inspiration in the Form of Film & Television Characters"  
Hi, a while back I posted an entry to my blog about how film and television characters inspire my sense of fashion. Effy Stonem is one of the characters I've focused on, so you might be interested in it.

"What I love about fashion is that feeling of dressing up. People (mostly guys) will often say to me, "Why are you wearing that?!"
It's always struck me as an insanely odd question. Does there really need to be much reason to wear something? I'm wearing it because I feel like it. "But why would you were four-inch heels to college?" Why not?..."

Read the rest here at my blog: http://frillsthrillsandpills.blogspot.com/2010/03/fashion-inspirations-in-form-of-filmtv.html

If you like it, please comment and check out my other posts. I have very little readership at the moment so it would be lovely to hear your thoughts, x
A Heartless Girlmaddy4 on August 4th, 2010 05:49 am (UTC)
Definitely with you on the Effy fixation front, and I feel very similarly about her style too! I have definitely been experimenting with her kind of fashion sense and it has been working out well, it is a ton o' fun I must say. Not quite as revealing, as I am not 16 anymore and can't quite pull it off, haha, but yeah, it is fun and I get compliments too, from girls and my boyfriend and from guy friends that aren't even into fashion. I got a pair of biker boots and they are working out fantastically.

And I can relate to the dressing up thing. I wore a uniform for high school so as a result, through university I never really got super into working on my own style, but now I've experienced how fun it is, emphasising the "dress up" part, like a costume. I love dressing up theme parties, so I might as well do it during my regular life too! :)

Actually I was planning on doing a post soon of some Effy looks I've done, some of them are pretty much direct copies because they're so good, and some are a little different. Like I always thought she'd wear a denim vest. Not like an actual vest, but like the kind that just looks like a jean jacket with the sleeves ripped off, more biker style. I got a nice one, the denim issue of Nylon just came out and they had a 225 dollar 7 for All Mankind one featured(mine is way way cheaper lol). And maybe with some weird animal shirt, like a trippier version of a Bret from Flight of the Conchords shirt.
Carafancydressmasks on August 5th, 2010 12:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I've experimented too. I'm not dressing much like anymore, simply because I know it doesn't suit me that much. Cause she's got a straight-up-and-down figure and is a lot taller, she can pull of the things she wears and not look slaggy (well, she does sometimes, but in a good way) and she can also wear baggy things without looking frumpy. I'm short, and an hourglass, so I can't really wear baggy things much, and so I go tight, which in turn makes me look a bit too slutty. I never used to care, but I guess I've changed. I think it's more that she encouraged me to experiment in the first place.

But it's interesting how she's influenced a lot of people (:

Yeah, I live in England, so I wore a uniform too. Yes, I love dressing up parties! But most people seem to hate them, and no one ever bothers to dress up. I'm like, what, how can you not like fancy dress?

Ooh that sounds really interesting, I'd love to see it if you do it. I'll add you (:
A Heartless Girlmaddy4 on August 4th, 2010 05:52 am (UTC)
Oh, and also so with you on Jackie, Blair and the girls in the Boat That Rocked!